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Create 4.0 for teachers

If you’re a teacher,
you can learn
how to start teaching
in a “4.0’s way”.

The training program Create 4.0 is designed as online courses offered for free for VET teachers / trainers / operators.
It is an easy-to-consult Manual in pdf format divided into the following sections and methodologies.

PR 01.0 Scenario

Create 4.0 is The European Atelier of Crafts – Cr.E.Ate follow up. The Cr.E.Ate project aimed to establish theories, develop methods and draw up guidelines regarding a model that could be shared and spread throughout Europe. Discover more

PR 01.1 Augmented Education & Science of Learning

The aim of this unit is to clarify what we mean by scientifically effective learning in order to improve the design of a hybrid lesson (immersive digital and not) and therefore to post up students learning . Discover more

PR 01.2 Need Analysis

The aim of this chapter is to focus on the need for a wide digital literacy up to the expansion of use of augmented education techniques to achieve the educational objectives of the Create Atelier of Craft model. Discover more

PR 01.3 Augmented education & participatory approaches

The aim of the following material is to explain how the use of increased Digital Technologies facilitates participatory approaches in education and which settings and resources are necessary. Discover more

PR 01.4 Open platforms

The focus of the present material is to analyze the usage of open platforms in the context of online learning, commonly known as e-Learning. Discover more

PR 01.5 Open Education resources

The purpose of this chapter is to facilitate teachers in the implementation of Open Educational Resources and to make easier the adoption of augmented digital resources present in the many OER platforms. Discover more

PR 01.6 Self-assessment & self reflection

The aim of this chapter is to provide indications on how to make the evaluation process-self-evaluation consistent with the Augmented Education approach. Discover more

PR 01.7 Social Impact

The aim of this unit is to outline the social impact potential of augmented digital education and provide guidelines to design hybrid lessons (immersive digital and not) and therefore to enhance student learning quality. Discover more